Yoga for Autism

Comprehensive and therapeutic yoga sessions supporting individual development and promoting calmness of body and mind.

Tatjana is passionate about helping people to achieve their individual goals through the therapeutic application of yoga and rhythmic movement training (RMT).  She combines her many years of experience in developmental services (including Son-Rise therapy) supporting children, teens and adults with autism and other disabilities, with her yoga and rhythmic movement training (RMT) including –  Yoga for the Special Child® , Therapeutic Yoga and Rhythmic Movement Training (RMT) - to connect with her students on the Autism spectrum and create a unique session that supports individual development (physical, mental and emotional), improves movement and body awareness, eases tension and encourages relaxation. Tatjana works with children, teens and adults tailoring the sessions to suit their individual developmental stages and functional needs.

Yoga Session

Therapeutic yoga sessions are a combination of yoga techniques and movements, yoga poses and rhythmic movement training (RMT) with the overall goal of promoting a sense of calm and wellbeing through the integration of the physical, emotional and mental body.

Students gain greater body awareness, increase focus and concentration, improve sensory integration, practice imitation skills, and nurture calmness in their body and mind. Students improve coordination and posture, learn breathing techniques, develop greater ease of movement, release tension and anxiety, and develop overall confidence.

Yoga Techniques – Therapeutic yoga exercises emphasizing functional movement, classical hatha and restorative yoga poses, breathing exercises (pranayama), yoga sounds (mantras), action songs (coordinating movement and voice), yoga stories (created with word and body movements), meditation and relaxation techniques (calming the nervous system and quieting the mind).

Rhythmic Movement Training (RMT) - A system of gentle movements and reflex integration activities to develop emotional balance, greater ease of movement, learning, maturity, communication, functional sensory integration and general wellbeing.

Thai massage – A combination of yoga like stretches and point pressure massage can be included as part of the yoga session, when requested, for students who respond positively to deep pressure touch/massage, to support and enhance relaxation.

Private Individual, Semi-Private or Small Group (3-4) sessions are available.

Therapeutic Yoga Benefits

• Yoga poses and therapeutic movements help to increase body awareness in a relaxed and non-competitive environment
• Yoga poses increase stamina, improve balance and muscle tone, improve cognitive and motor skills, improve digestion, promote flexibility and correct postural misalignment
• Breathing exercises stimulate vital areas of the brain and central nervous system and help to reduce hyperactivity and anxiety
• Eye exercises stimulate the optic nerve, improving the eyes’ ability to focus and enhance word recognition skills
• Sound combined with hand movements help to improve concentration, communication and motor skills, thus increasing the capacity for schoolwork and creative play
• Relaxation techniques help to calm and strengthen the central nervous system. Visualization can help direct attention to release points of tension and stimulate imagination
• Pure movements help to improve mobility and release tension and pain in the body
• Rhythmic Movements help to build a better foundation for learning, sensory processing and emotional behaviour.
• As a whole, yoga is grounding and enhances feelings of wellbeing, helping to increase confidence and self-esteem

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