Thai Yoga Massage

A dynamic form of body massage using a blend of techniques to achieve a state of deep relaxation and peaceful release in body, mind, and spirit.

Thai Yoga Massage

THAI YOGA MASSAGE is an ancient 2000 year old traditional Thai healing art and dynamic form of body work, that combines a blend of massage techniques, point pressure, reflexology, yoga movement and  muscle stretching, to guide the recipient into a state of deep relaxation and peaceful release in body, mind, and spirit.  This blend of massage techniques encourages the release of muscle tension, pain, stiffness, soreness and stress resulting in a greater sense of balance, freedom of movement and tranquility of mind while helping to maintain whole body health and wellbeing.

The Thai Yoga Massage Experience (Full Body)

Thai yoga massage is a great massage option for people who are seeking a deep stretch and a whole body release.  Thai yoga massage is often referred to as “lazy persons yoga” as it is a passive way of receiving the benefits of yoga movement,  joint mobility and muscle release.

Performed on a cushioned floor mat, the recipient is gracefully guided, by the practitioner, through a series of passive, yoga like stretches, using their hands, forearms, elbows, knees and feet to compress and palpate the muscles of the body.  Throughout the treatment, rhythmic rocking and targeted acupressure techniques are used to replenish energy stores and lull the recipient into a blissful state of relaxation.  Recipients are fully clothed in comfortable, loose or yoga like clothing.

Session Times

60 Minutes:  A whole body massage, from head to feet.

90 Minutes:  Traditional length of a Thai massage for a comprehensive session, with added attention to areas of tension or pain on specified areas of the body (such as shoulders, low back, hamstrings, hands, feet), from head to feet.

Thai Foot Reflexology Massage

THAI FOOT REFLEXOLOGY MASSAGE is a blend of the healing elements of India’s Ayurvedic medicine, Japanese shiatsu and Chinese reflexology.  Working with the feet and lower leg, this 2000 year old, highly reputed session frees up blocked energy within the body’s many sen lines (Thai-based meridians) to produce a deep and unique feeling of balance, encourages relaxation and release of tension and fosters good health and well being throughout the entire body.

The Thai Foot Reflexology Massage Experience

Thai Foot Reflexology Massage can be relaxing, soothing, calming, balancing and energizing for the entire body and especially for tired feet.  The internal organs are stimulated during the Thai foot reflexology massage, giving the recipient a holistic treatment that can promote whole body welless and healing.

Performed on a cushioned floor mat or massage table, customized sessions begin with a warm foot soak proceeded by Thai foot reflexology massage techniques, including stretching, kneading, applied pressure to reflex points at the soles of the feet and massage of the whole foot and lower leg.  The practitioner uses hands, fingers, thumbs, knuckles and a rounded wooden stick.  Shea butter is applied to feet and lower legs.  The session is completed with Thai massage for legs, arms, hands, neck and head.  Recipients are fully clothed in comfortable, loose or yoga like clothing.

Session Time

60 Minutes:  A warm foot soak,  whole foot and lower leg massage, ending with Thai massage for legs, arms, hands and head.

Thai Yoga Massage for Pregnancy

THAI YOGA MASSAGE FOR PREGNANCY is tailored to address the common concerns of expectant mothers and provides relief from the natural stresses of adapting physically, mentally and emotionally to pregnancy.  It helps to release and relax tense and sore muscles, ease tight spots  and  improve circulation and mobility.  Designed with the goal of promoting relaxation and wellness.

The Thai Yoga Massage For Pregnancy Experience

Thai Yoga Massage for Pregnancy can bring comfort, support and a wonderful sense of nurturing. It can help to reduce stress, relieve muscle cramps, improve circulation, support digestion, alleviate back pain and swelling, release tight muscles and can promote whole body welless.

Performed on a cushioned floor mat with the addition of a back support to prop the recipient in an angled position while lying on the back. The recipient will also lie in side lying positions while being gently guided by the practitioner into gentle yoga like stretches and rotations for shoulders and hips to release tension.  Gentle point pressure massage is applied to muscles using hands, forearms, fingers, knees and feet.  Rhythmic rocking technique is used throughout the treatment to replenish energy and lull the recipient into a peaceful state for maximum relief.  Recipients are fully clothed in comfortable, loose or yoga like clothing.

Session Time

60 Minutes:  A whole body massage with a prenatal focus, from head to feet.

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