whYoga strives to provide a wholistic yoga experience, to help individuals achieve their highest potential and gain a greater sense of wellbeing.

Tatjana is passionate about supporting people to reach their highest potential and helping them achieve their wellness goals, whether to move with greater ease and strength or to feel peaceful and whole in their physical, mental and emotional body.  She has a special interest in supporting persons on the autism spectrum, to reach developmental milestones, gain greater awareness of their bodies, increase their ability to regulate emotions, build confidence and experience a state of peacefulness and calm through the practice of yoga, movement and Thai yoga massage.

whYoga - Wholistic Hatha Yoga – blossomed out of a desire to support individuals on their journey to wellness through the therapeutic and beneficial practises of yoga.  Yoga unifies the physical, mental and emotional elements of the body, bringing each individual back to a state of wholeness, where our greatest potential is achieved.

The Journey

During the 20 years of my Developmental Services career, in the role of behaviour support staff, respite provider, respite coordinator and project manager in schools, family homes and community agencies, I looked for various activities to relieve stress and keep myself grounded, healthy and whole, in order to better support the agencies, families and individuals I was working with.

In 2000, I was introduced to yoga while taking a meditation instructor course with the Willpower Institute under the direction of Master Teacher of Meditation, Phra Tep Jetiyajan, Luangphor Viriyang Sirintharo.   Upon my return from Thailand, to complete a meditation instructor course, my attraction to yoga and my yoga journey continued to grow.  I joined in several Kundalini and Classical Hatha yoga classes and soon discovered the numerous benefits of a regular meditation and yoga practice.  I noticed an overall sense of wellbeing and increased flexibility and strength, in my physical, mental and emotional bodies, filtering into daily activities and interactions off of the mat.  I was able to stay calm and positive in stressful situations and was inspired  to integrate meditation and yoga into my daily routine.

In 2010, I made the decision to shift my career path and create my own venture, whYoga, to blend my two passions: Supporting others to reach their highest potential and achieve a peaceful state of wellness, through the practices of yoga and Thai massage.

I am dedicated to sharing the therapeutic benefits of yoga and offering a wholistic experience for each person I have the privilege to share yoga and Thai massage with.  I approach each session in a mindful and playful way, aiming to create a safe, nurturing and positive space while honouring each person’s individuality – body, mind and spirit.


I travelled to India to complete my Akhanda Yoga® Teacher Training with World Conscious Yoga Family developed by Yogi Vishvketu and Chetana Panwar
(Jessica Torrens).  I continued my yoga studies, focusing on teaching children and teens yoga, and completed training in Samadhi Family Kid’s Yoga Teacher Training with Amanda Reid and certified in Yoga for the Special Child® with Sonia Sumar.

Along my journey, I discovered Thai Yoga Massage and completed her Thai Yoga Massage Essential Certification training at Still Light Centre with Shai Plonski and Megan Shane.  In addition, I have completed many of the advanced certification courses.

I have completed several trainings, including Therapeutic Yoga Intensive with Susi Hately of Functional Synergy emphasizing functional movement and proper body mechanics to relieve pain in the body, improve flexibility, enhance strength and help the body to relax.  I now primarily apply the therapeutic principles and integrate my learnings when teaching the yoga students who attend my classes.

I have completed Level 1 & 2 and Face the Fear trainings in Rhythmic Movement Training (RMTi) with Moira Dempsey of Rhythmic Movement Training International a primitive infant reflex program that uses gentle and passive developmental movements that help to build a better foundation for learning, sensory processing and emotional behaviour.

I continue to attend trainings and workshops with Yogi Vishvketu, Chetana Panwar (Jessica Torrens), Susi Hately, Shai Plonski and Moira Dempsey to expand and improve my current knowledge of yoga, movement, RMTi and Thai yoga massage and to enhance my own yoga practice. The new knowledge and skills I gain, are integrated into my teachings during yoga and Thai yoga massage sessions.