Therapeutic Hatha Yoga

A therapeutic yoga practice, taught with mindfulness, to support whole body, mind and spirit.

Suitable for Beginner to Intermediate Level Students including persons with mobility concerns, getting back into yoga or who may be experiencing stiffness or pain especially in their back, shoulders or hips.

Therapeutic classical hatha yoga classes are taught using a wholistic approach, with an emphasis on functional movement, breathing techniques (pranayama), relaxation, mantra and meditation to help students cultivate ease and build strength in their yoga poses and asana practice. Moving purely and biomechanically supports the body to release tension, move with ease and improve our overall movement. Students gain a greater sense of body awareness and new insights into their asana practice, while building strength, improving mobility and reducing tension – physically, mentally and emotionally.

Therapeutic Hatha Yoga Classes

A mindful and slower paced class that enables opportunities to gain greater awareness of compensations, foster optimal range of movement and create space to move into classical asana – steady and comfortable pose – without strain. Students are guided through therapeutic exercises and yoga poses, and are mindfully assisted, as needed, to move without compensation and tension in order to help progress their yoga practice.  We get back to basics and move forward from there.

Private Therapeutic Yoga Sessions

Individual instruction can be incredibly rewarding and beneficial for both physical and emotional challenges, to effectively reduce pain or prevent injury and illness, and to bring the body back to being whole.

One hour long yoga sessions are customized and designed on a therapeutic level, addressing each individual’s specific needs and movement goals.  Students are guided through various yoga exercises and poses emphasizing functional movement to release tension and reduce pain while increasing strength and mobility. Students gain a greater understanding of their compensations and relationships in their body, cultivate a sense of ease and move towards experiencing asana – steady and comfortable yoga pose.  Each session facilitates greater body awareness and helps students to build more strength and ease in their whole body.

Taught with mindfulness and sensitivity in a safe and supportive environment.

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